August 15, 2022


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Ask the Law: Is employer obligated to bear all medical

Answer: According to Post 37 of the Federal Decree Labour Regulation: ‘The employer shall, in case the worker suffers an injury while at get the job done or contracts an occupational disorder,:

A) Bear the fees of the worker’s cure right until he or she recovers and is in a position to return to operate or proves his or her disability, in accordance with the circumstances, policies and treatments specified by the Applying Regulation hereof.

B) If the work-connected injury or occupational ailment stops the employee from performing his or her perform, then the employer shall pay to the worker an amount equal of his or her total wage throughout the procedure time period or for 6 months, whichever is a lot less. If the treatment method interval exceeds 6 months, then the worker shall be entitled to 50 percent wage for a different six months, or until eventually the employee is treated or his or her disability or dying is verified, whichever is before.’

Posting 38, pertaining to the Instances of the Worker’s Non-entitlement of Get the job done Injury

Payment, states: ‘The worker shall not be entitled to function injuries payment if it is demonstrated through investigations by the skilled authorities that any of the next instances experienced taken place:

1. The worker deliberately brought about harm to himself or herself for any rationale.

2. The injuries took position beneath the impact of alcoholic beverages, narcotics or other psychotropic substances.

3. The damage took place as a consequence of a deliberate violation of the declared preventive guidelines at noticeable locations in the office, as described by the Employing Regulation hereof.

4. The damage took spot as a end result of wilful misconduct by the worker.

5. The employee refused, without a critical rationale, to be examined or comply with the cure specified by the health care entity.

Issue to the provisions of Articles or blog posts (37) and (38) of the Decree-Regulation:

1. In the celebration that the employee suffers a perform personal injury or an occupational illness, the employer shall fork out the fees of remedy for the employee pursuant to the next circumstances and procedures:

A) The worker shall be addressed at one particular of the government or non-public well being-care facilities.

B) The value of treatment shall continue on to be compensated until finally the worker recovers or his or her incapacity is founded.

C) The remedy shall involve medical center continue to be, surgical strategies, charges of X-rays and medical analyses as properly as the acquire of prescription drugs and rehabilitation gear and the provision of synthetic and prosthetic limbs and gadgets for these whose incapacity is recognized.

D) The charge of cure shall include the transportation costs incurred for the worker’s procedure.