August 8, 2022


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Health benefits, nutrition, uses, and FAQs

Arrowroot is a starchy vegetable that folks use as a thickener in desserts and baked merchandise. It may possibly have supplemental overall health gains for folks adhering to a gluten-no cost food plan or people controlling their blood sugar and body weight.

This post discusses arrowroot in more depth, which includes its positive aspects, dietary worth, and uses. The short article also responses some popular questions about arrowroot.

Arrowroot (Maranta arundinacea) is a plant that generally grows in tropical forests in the Caribbean, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and other spots in the tropics. It has extensive fibrous roots with tuberous rhizomes (underground stems).

People today in the food stuff industry use the starchy rhizomes of arrowroot to make thickeners and stabilizers. On top of that, companies use the fibrous squander to make paper products and solutions and other merchandise.

As nicely as currently being a beneficial component in food items production and cooking, arrowroot could have some dietary added benefits.

Arrowroot may possibly supply a variety of added benefits for a person’s wellbeing.

Quickly digestible, lower calorie, and significant protein

According to an older 2014 evaluate, arrowroot is quickly digestible and may well benefit older grownups and young little ones.

Additionally, reports suggest that arrowroot flour is a good resource of dietary fiber that could profit the digestive and immune devices.

Other study suggests that arrowroot has much less energy and additional protein than other tuberous veggies these as potatoes, yams, and cassava.

As a result, arrowroot may possibly be effective in supporting people today to take care of their bodyweight and for all those with digestive diseases.


Arrowroot is a obviously gluten-absolutely free food items. Scientific tests suggest that arrowroot flour may possibly be useful for those who are delicate to gluten or individuals with celiac sickness.

Folks can integrate arrowroot flour into recipes for baked merchandise as an substitute to other flours, these as wheat, that comprise gluten.

In addition, investigation signifies that the resistant starch in arrowroot may possibly enhance gluten-free of charge products’ texture, taste, and mouthfeel.

Discover far more about gluten-absolutely free eating plans listed here.

Small glycemic food items for excess weight administration

Arrowroot is a low glycemic food that might profit individuals with diabetic issues.

In accordance to a 2017 examine, boiled arrowroot has a glycemic index (GI) of 14. GI is a strategy of position carbs in food items based on how they have an effect on blood sugar. Folks with diabetic issues may consume small glycemic foods to help balance their blood sugar.

Arrowroot flour includes the pursuing nutrition for every 100 grams (g):

Arrowroot includes fiber, starch, and biocomposites that have many utilizes which include:

  • thickening and gelling in food stuff
  • edible and biodegradable movies and food packaging
  • medicines and nutraceutical apps
  • cosmetics and organic deodorants
  • textiles
  • biofuel
  • pulp and paper earning

Investigation suggests that arrowroot has significant amylose content and can absorb drinking water perfectly. Amylose is a kind of starch. Brands use arrowroot as an ingredient in foods these kinds of as:

  • biscuits
  • cakes
  • puddings
  • porridge
  • pie filling
  • jellies
  • ice product
  • soup
  • condiments

Stores may offer arrowroot as a white, flavorless powder. Folks can use it the same way as cornstarch for thickening recipes and adding a glossy end to foodstuff. Simply because it does not adjust the color of food items and acidic ingredients do not alter its framework, it is handy in jellies and fruit fillings.

Arrowroot is ideal for vegans and those people following a gluten-cost-free diet.

Underneath are some of the most prevalent thoughts and answers about arrowroot.

Is arrowroot nutritious to try to eat?

Research suggest that arrowroot is a healthy resource of foods. It is simply digestible, gluten-free of charge, and small in calories. In addition, analysis suggests that it might be valuable for men and women with diabetes or digestive disorders.

What are the aspect consequences of arrowroot?

There is small investigation into the facet results of arrowroot. An more mature 2009 article specific two conditions of poisonous hepatitis brought about by drinking arrowroot juice.

Working with arrowroot as an ingredient in recipes is typically regarded as protected. On the other hand, if another person uses arrowroot in much larger portions as a treatment, it may well bring about digestive aspect results.

A man or woman must discuss with a health care provider in advance of consuming large amounts of arrowroot.

Which is healthier, cornstarch or arrowroot?

Cornstarch and arrowroot are both of those substances that someone could use as a thickening agent in recipes. They have a similar dietary profile, but arrowroot has a little bit more fiber and water for each 100 g than cornstarch.

Thus, it may well be additional useful for digestion and blood sugar equilibrium.

Arrowroot is a significant starch vegetable that suppliers use to make arrowroot powder. It is a worthwhile component in foods and recipes that demand thickening or a glossy finish. Also, arrowroot has other industrial works by using such as producing paper, cosmetics, and food packaging.

In contrast to some other tuberous vegetables, arrowroot consists of less energy and much more protein. It is also ideal for gluten-cost-free diets and may possibly assist people with diabetes to balance their blood sugar and deal with their pounds.

Men and women should really not eat large portions of arrowroot devoid of consulting a physician.