August 18, 2022


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HHCN Staffing Summit: A Discussion with Axxess

This report is sponsored by Axxess. This posting is based mostly on an HHCN Staffing Summit discussion with Deborah R. Hoyt, Senior Vice President of Public Policy, Arlene Maxim, Senior Vice President of Clinical Expert services and Tammy Ross, Senior Vice President of Professional Companies for Axxess. The discussion took location on Could 26, 2022. The discussion has been edited for duration and clarity.

Deborah Hoyt: Thank you for joining us for today’s Home Health Treatment News Staffing Summit and this morning’s panel discussion entitled Uberizing Clinicians: Scheduling Adaptability Puts Nurses in the Household Well being Driver’s Seat.

Both Tammy and Arlene are nurse leaders in Axxess with decades of knowledge sitting in the exact exact same seat wherever you’re sitting down now. They’ve been former residence health and fitness company operators and market consultants.

Let us start by first talking about key market place shifts and disruptors. In each and every business, know-how enhancements have always been a disrupter. The disruptor in overall health care is the educated purchaser. People of all ages recognize that they can now receive well being care in the property for most of their scenarios. As a result, it’s pure that buyers are demanding an whenever, any place, 24/7 house-dependent care design, significantly like how the transportation sector was remodeled by Uber and the food shipping and delivery process by DoorDash. We’re guiding people industries and we know that engineering can enable us move us to the upcoming stage and solve some of the problems we’re struggling with today. Technology companies like Axxess have been planning for the workforce in nursing scarcity for a long time.

Axxess has created the technologies now to shift our industry ahead to empower the caregiver and meet up with the rising referral volume that all of you are observing as supplier businesses. Arlene, we have read about the good resignation and the important quantity of nurse retirements nationwide. How can we apply a modern day strategic and details-driven technique to leveraging nurses and caregiver geographic distribution to solve for this shortage that we’re listening to about? This is anything that’s likely to be with us for the next 10 decades.

Arlene has been main what we’re calling our AxxessCARE program, which is seriously the Uberization of in-residence treatment staffing to fulfill purchaser need and deal with provider staffing issues but most importantly, provide adaptable occupation alternatives for individuals folks out in the industry. Arlene, explain to us a little bit about this, what you have been functioning on, how it’s rolling out, and what’s the receptivity of the caregivers, and the company organizations.

Arlene Maxim: Thank you, Deb and this is a model new type of nursing currently being accomplished. The Uberization of this software is just an completely fantastic notion that our CEO at Axxess, John Olajide, arrived up with a number of several years ago, and we have been working on this for a range of yrs. It is not a staffing company. I want to make confident I make that extremely apparent. It’s an application. It is an application just like you’d get for Uber, that will allow for organizations to, or truly purchase up nursing whenever they require it. They can also use it for a scheduling system. The problem we discovered as COVID hit us most not too long ago, in the earlier couple of years, we discovered that we lost nurses much more rapidly than we believed we would be shedding nurses.

There is such a lack and there proceeds to be a scarcity. This is heading to go on for yet another 10 yrs as you stated. The retirement of nurses is heading to velocity up. We have much less and much less individuals in the workforce and this is heading to support ease and augment the team that organizations already have in put. I’ve listened to stories about businesses getting rid of revenue by means of decline of referrals that are in multipliers of their 75 to 100 referrals that are turning down in any presented 7 days. That’s missing profits that agencies just can’t manage with all the cuts that we’re coming up with now.

With the software, an agency can really search for a nurse. We have a mapping piece that they can acquire a search at. They can see where the nurses are. I imagine this is a terrific device for obtaining PRN employees out to the property. For occasion, if you have an crisis, probably a individual has a catheter that falls out or some thing wants to be changed, you can take a appear at that map, see where a nurse is and you can order that nurse immediately. She can almost certainly be there in a matter of minutes. The gain that this offers organizations is just definitely great.

The geographic positioning of the maps and recognizing where by clinicians are in connection to people and also the firm is just great. Now as we get into the close of this month, I’m definitely, seriously excited about getting Axxess certification accessible. I know Tammy is likely to converse about that. That is likely to give a lot of extra nurses, whether or not they are retired nurses that would like to come out of retirement, or nurses who are operating in hospitals, and that style of detail. They’ll be equipped to appear into the AxxessCARE Family and use that software to decide on up extra shifts. They can do that. They can choose up as numerous shifts as they want.

We have to know that our nurses and our therapists, they’re not desktops and we can’t expect them to be operating and getting on 14 to 15 visits a working day. I have heard from some quite superior sources that which is what is going on through the United States. There’s a safety element alongside with creating burnout with the employees. The AxxessCARE application can be a answer for quite a few, quite a few businesses and we’re likely to be truly psyched to open it up to clinicians throughout the United States by the close of this thirty day period.

I know Tammy is going to get into far more of that but the application, I just want everyone to fully grasp this is not a staffing reduction operation, it is an software. It is something that just about every organization can choose aspect in and the clinicians will be in a position to have obtain to the application as they go by the Axxess certification plan that Tammy is heading to speak about.

Hoyt: This is attention-grabbing. If I was a clinician and I wished to turn into part of this AxxessCARE, just like an Uber driver, explain to me about how I have to be qualified or certified. What do I need to know? Are there history checks finished? How do I get on this application and then am I in the driver’s seat so I can pick out my have visits? Then I’m not changing organizations. Businesses can faucet into me and present me what visits are accessible and then I can go on them. Can you chat extra about that?

Maxim: Sure, the nurses and therapists, I want to make certain that we recall the therapists can also make the most of the application, can use the software and they complete a profile. We have the preloaded profile that they entire. They go via a full background check out, AxxessCARE does the background look at. That is all offered for the residence care companies as they look at the clinician so that the workers that are accessible on the AxxessCARE app are all pre-qualified, they have a skillset readily available so that companies can get a look at that. If they are fascinated in carrying out mainly wound care, they are heading to be able to do that.

They’re all vetted prior to being available on the software. Agencies really don’t have to be concerned about their licenses becoming checked, everything’s accomplished prior to putting them as availability on the software. The nurses and therapists then can just take the application and sign up for as many visits as they would like to do in a week or in a thirty day period, so they have full versatility and they’re unquestionably in control. They are in the driver’s seat for this. They can pick up as lots of visits as they would like or not. We do have a pair of companies, I imagine in Florida, that do truly change perform as well.

We have nurses that are wanting to just take care of people for a extended period of time of time, not just intermittent treatment as we do with licensed care, but that is also accessible. It is just an certainly great gift to companies to have this offered, and it’s also no cost. I feel we forgot to point out that it is a totally free software. Organizations never even have to pay for it. For now, this is something model new in the market. I’m hoping folks will consider a glimpse at it and really acquire this significantly. It’s truly likely to aid with retention, it is going to support with recruitment, knowing that organizations can have availability on weekends.

I can remember staying a supervisor in home care companies and becoming on simply call on weekends. The most demanding thing we had to do in our function week is producing absolutely sure that we have individuals obtainable on weekends. This is a fantastic augmentation to your latest staff members and becoming capable to decide up perform on the weekends or on vacations, that is also offered too, and the businesses can choose and choose.

They’ll have options to get a glance at. They really do not have to get just about every one nurse that is on the application. They are in a position to display screen them as perfectly. They can get a glance at their profiles and see if there’s some clinicians that they would instead have than other folks. Geographically, it can make sense, due to the fact they can come across folks that are nearer to wherever they have to have the operate done so that mileage is decreased. Correct now, as we know with fuel prices, the way they are, which is heading to be a large offer and that is a big deal. There are so numerous benefits to the AxxessCARE software. As I pointed out prior to, we’re really energized about Could 31st becoming a kickoff day for all clinicians across the United States to be equipped to obtain AxxessCARE.

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