August 8, 2022


Slick Healthy

New Low EP | Pitchfork

Meet the new hell: not pretty the exact as the aged New Hell. On their 2019 album for Deathwish, Inc., Flint, Michigan miserablists Greet Death took their label’s title to coronary heart on music like “You’re Gonna Loathe What You’ve Done” and “Do You Feel Nothing?,” wrapping their nihilism in deceptively uplifting melodies. But their new EP tends to make too much to handle self-loathing the full point.

A 21-minute selection of 5 singles introduced about just about every other thirty day period because September 2021, New Reduced in the beginning scans as a transitional and exploratory perform. Sam Boyhtari’s vocals on “I Hate Everything” and “Panic Song” dabble in mesmeric bedroom indie and oversaturated shoegaze, whilst Logan Gaval sticks to the minimal, lonesome gloom-place he favored on New Hell. Thistime, however, the mud-caked guitar forms a Pigpen filth cloud, somewhat than blowing the roof off.

Nevertheless in spite of the piecemeal assemblage, New Low is the most cohesive Greet Dying launch nevertheless, a location where the band’s nebula of influences condenses into its individual stylistic shorthand. As songwriters, Greet Demise have embraced sharpness in each and every way—more hooks, much less repetition, more concision “Your Love Is Alcohol” is about as complicated as metaphors get. Gaval and Boyhtari after manufactured tentative attempts to merge their two extremely disparate vocal variations, which invert their respective instrumental roles as guide guitarist and bassist. Whereas they cleanly break up the direct vocal duties on Dixieland and often swapped traces on New Hell, the two have reached a newfound harmony on “Punishment Existence” the change in tone is refined, but the perspective remains—that boulder isn’t going to roll by itself up that hill. 

The self-informed grimness of “Punishment Existence” gets at Greet Death’s most salient high-quality: the type of distinctive place of check out that is often a secondary issue in a design and style of songs that can be as reliant on vibes as the vibiest Spotify playlist filler. In contrast to the goth Americana or impressionistic swooning that usually accompanies sluggish-and-minimal doomgaze, Greet Dying embody a relatable workingman’s dread, a middle path concerning the bleary tones of slowcore and rugged Midwestern craving nevertheless the gliding guitars on “Panic Song” evoke Trip and Slowdive, just picture either of these bands singing about fuel station meals. Greet Demise never romanticize their depression there are no cataclysmic breakups, no premature deaths, no one party that shakes a person to their core. The narrators on New Reduced go to perform and appear residence obtaining wholly misplaced monitor of where the previous 8 hours went. Strip these tunes down to an acoustic guitar, swap out a term or two, and they could be earnest folk tracks.