August 18, 2022


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Osteoarthritis in the wrist: Symptoms, diagnosis, and

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative joint sickness that can bring about discomfort, stiffness, and restricted variety of movement. OA can have an effect on any joint, which include the wrist.

The indicators of wrist OA incorporate soreness, swelling, and a decreased selection of movement in the wrist and hand. Wrist OA can direct to structural improvements in the hand and restrict a person’s ability to carry out day by day duties.

This posting seems at wrist OA in a lot more depth, together with its signs or symptoms, prognosis, and treatment.

OA comes about when cartilage wears absent. Cartilage is a easy, flexible tissue that cushions and shields the finishes of bones, allowing them to glide effortlessly around each other.

When the cartilage at the ends of wrist bones wears absent, the bones may rub together, producing friction and swelling. A human being might also knowledge ache mainly because the exposed bone has nerve endings. Finally, the wrist joint may possibly transform condition, triggering extra agony and lessening the assortment of motion in the wrist and hand.

Anatomy of the wrist

The wrist connects the hand to the forearm and includes a number of bones. The radius and ulna are the forearm bones. There are 8 tiny carpal bones at the foundation of the hand, organized in two rows of four. In a healthier wrist, slippery cartilage addresses the joint surface area of just about every bone.

In wrist OA, the cartilage wears away, creating the bones to rub in opposition to every other. Injuries these kinds of as a damaged wrist can accelerate cartilage loss and OA symptoms.

The signs of wrist OA can incorporate:

  • ache or tenderness
  • stiffness
  • swelling
  • restricted selection of motion
  • discoloration or heat
  • a improve in grip toughness or hand purpose
  • joint sound, called “crepitus,” when shifting the wrist
  • locking or catching sensations in the wrist joint
  • trouble making use of the hands

Wrist OA can trigger different troubles, including:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS): Wrist OA can occasionally lead to CTS. This transpires when swelling in the wrist joint or tendons squeezes a nerve that potential customers to the hand. It can end result in numbness, weak spot, pins and needles, and discomfort that may worsen at night. A person really should converse with a health care provider if they encounter these indicators routinely.
  • Structural modifications: OA in the joint concerning the forearm bones may hurt the tendons that straighten the fingers. This may well reduce the vary of motion in the hand and bring about deformity in the fingers.
  • Problems with daily pursuits: People with wrist OA might be not able to execute specific actions, this kind of as opening jars and pouring from a weighty kettle. A physical therapist or occupational therapist may possibly be equipped to counsel means to make day by day jobs a lot easier.

To diagnose wrist OA, a doctor will first perform a actual physical exam and acquire a person’s health care heritage.

They may perhaps also order X-rays to assistance recognize structural modifications in the wrist and hand and to rule out other brings about.

Despite the fact that OA does not lead to blood abnormalities, a health practitioner may order a blood check to assistance rule out other brings about, these kinds of as rheumatoid arthritis.

If a doctor suspects an infection in the wrist, they may well get an arthrocentesis, also recognised as synovial fluid investigation. This process entails having a tiny sample of fluid from the synovium — the lining of the joint — for investigation.

Though there is no heal for OA, a man or woman can try out the next administration tactics to reduce the symptoms and protect against OA from progressing:

Physical exercise

Bodily therapy can assistance a particular person manage range of movement and preserve their wrist as adaptable as achievable. A bodily therapist can educate certain routines that may well aid ease the indications of OA.

These exercises may well contain:

  • vary-of-movement routines
  • strengthening exercises
  • cardio workout

Heat or chilly remedy

Warmth and chilly therapy supply distinctive rewards to folks with wrist OA. Some men and women uncover that implementing heat to agonizing joints can help ease pain. Heat treatment, such as a paraffin wax bath, will increase blood flow by dilating the blood vessels, helping ease stiffness in the wrist.

Chilly treatment constricts blood vessels and can assist reduce inflammation and swelling. A particular person can wrap an ice pack in a fabric or towel and apply it to the impacted area.

Wrist braces or straps

Unique kinds of wrist supports can enable in unique strategies. Resting splints preserve the hand and wrist however when a person is resting. Operating splints help retain the hand and wrist in the proper place when a particular person is making use of them.

It is finest to check with the suggestions of a healthcare expert prior to shopping for wrist braces or straps to make guaranteed that they are suitable.

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Health professionals may possibly advise the adhering to treatment plans along with the above home remedies:


Physicians might recommend numerous medications to reduce the signs and symptoms of wrist OA. The possibilities incorporate:

  • Analgesics: Soreness aid medicine this kind of as acetaminophen or ibuprofen can ease the ache and irritation associated with wrist OA.
  • Topical discomfort relief: A man or woman can use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) creams and gels instantly to the pores and skin of the wrist. Capsaicin creams use a compound that takes place the natural way in cayenne pepper to alleviate pain.
  • Corticosteroids: If about-the-counter or prescription suffering relievers are ineffective, a doctor might prescribe steroid injections. These injections, which health care industry experts supply instantly into the joint, can reduce signs or symptoms for a number of months.


If nonsurgical options are ineffective, medical professionals may possibly recommend surgical treatment. In accordance to a 2022 article, the most popular kinds are:

  • Proximal row carpectomy: Surgeons remove a few carpal bones close to the forearm to simplicity agony and sustain the assortment of movement in the wrist.
  • Fusion or arthrodesis: Surgeons take away weakened cartilage and attach the wrist bones to make certain that they mend as a single strong bone. This treatment relieves discomfort but lessens the array of motion.
  • Wrist alternative: Surgeons eliminate destroyed bones and cartilage and change them with plastic or metal joints. Health professionals are considerably less likely to suggest this surgical process than those earlier mentioned.

Wrist OA is a chronic ailment that brings about ache and stiffness in the wrist. It can also have an impact on mobility and make daily duties more tough.

Folks can alleviate their signs or symptoms and gradual the development of the illness by next the suggestions of health care industry experts and using their medicine consistently. If a person with wrist OA does not obtain treatment method for it, the suffering could turn out to be debilitating.

Wrist OA is a degenerative problem ensuing from getting older and overuse. It can guide to ache, stiffness, and a limited assortment of movement.

Attainable difficulties include CTS and structural variations in the hand. Medical practitioners can diagnose wrist OA by way of a physical test and X-rays.

There is no treatment for OA, but solutions are obtainable to support relieve the signs. Early diagnosis and remedy can help reduce additional joint injury.