August 17, 2022


Slick Healthy

PCA 2022: Lunch with halfwheel Day 2

The concern remains whether or not I will truly take in my foodstuff court barbecue currently. (Editor’s Note: he did. — CM) As it stands, it is an unattractive, brackish mush of potato, corn, and “pork butts” with a aspect of slaw. I’ll broach it eventually, considering that I refuse to survive on Trader Joe’s trail combine and h2o, but it will be with warning, not passion. Brian, nevertheless, appeared to lock in—he is 2-2 on currently being very first to return for lunch, and very first to end his food. So motivated was he following taking in now that he tossed his napkin for a cross-bunker a few and sunk it.

I desire I had much more anecdotes to broadcast, but the booth is carrying out its normal, healthier abandonment. I say wholesome since no halfwheelers in the booth is an indicator that the guys are carrying out their career, particularly, browsing other booths. There is, of system, the slight threat of prolonged hobnobbing that their absence may portend, someone having sidetracked by liquor or chat, but largely it’s successful vagrancy. Since the times glimpse the same to me, since I really do not hardly go away the bunker other than for food stuff and potty, I never have “news,” for every se. You are going to have to wait for a Day 2 Recap for matters like exhibit flooring website traffic styles, demeanor of distributors, and so on. The only headlines within the post-and-lintel are these inside my head. I did choose a next this morning to jot down this wondrous estimate from William Blake, “I have my visions and my peace. They have bartered their birthright for a mess of pottage.”

What does that signify? Sense totally free to comment.

See you tomorrow,


Kyle Ferrer

A new graduate of Wake Forest University, I came to halfwheel by means of a previous WFU editorial assistant, Heather Haertel. In the tumble, I am returning to Wake Forest to go after a masters in English literature. As you may well have guessed, I am a reader—mostly of British and American Romanticism, which usually means the will work of Wordsworth, Emerson, Whitman and others. I also check out a boatload of 70s motion pictures, some men’s tennis, and have an aspiring blog referred to as, the place I write about whichever cultural notion pops into my head. I value really the maxim that artwork is extensive and lifetime is quick.