May 24, 2022


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Sex tips for men

Sex tips for men

Sex is not as easy as the deodorant commercials will have you believe; the woman smells something she likes, there is minimal seduction, you are both ready, and curtain drop.

It is complicated. It involves your body, brain, and mind. Stimulating all these is then necessary for to have satisfying sex.

There are naturally plenty of problems that can arise as a result that then impede the sex life. And no, popping the magic pill, commonly known as Viagra, will not resolve everything.

In some men, these pills are not a great fit, so it is best to stick to the advice dispensed by the Best Sexologist in Karachi instead.

There are also things that you can do otherwise that will help in improving your sexual performance. These include:

Eat well

You are what you eat, and your sexual performance is also contingent on what you eat. When you indulge too much in calorie-rich content that offers little nutrition, like fried and fast food, you greatly increase the risk of obesity. Alongside other problems, obesity also leads to sexual dysfunction.

Moreover, you also need to eat well to prevent disease like hypertension that also have an impact on the sexual health of men.

Furthermore, diet is also pertinent for building stamina and endurance, which is vital for having a satisfying sex life.

Good food to try to improve your sex life include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish etc. In terms of nutrients, be sure to get plenty of vitamin B12 and D.


Exercise is important for your physical and mental health. It helps in improving circulation, which is vital for improved sex life in men. Exercise also helps in destressing, which is crucial since stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on sex life as well.

Moreover, it is important to realize that sex is a physical activity, and it requires one to be physically fit, as otherwise, the entire ordeal can be too much for your body.

However, be careful with how much your exercise. Too much physical activity can also cause problems with the body, like fatigue, sleep problems etc., that then have a grave impact on the sex life.

Blood supply is important

To get an erection, it is vital that your vascular health is not in peril. High bad cholesterol levels, hypertension, poor low cholesterol amount in the body are some factors that then impair blood flow. Therefore, make sure that you take care of yourself to avoid these problems.

Oral health

Your oral hygiene is important during your sex life, obviously, but it also dictates your sexual performance as well. Research has shown a connection between gum disease and erectile dysfunction. Therefore, make sure that you pay attention to your oral health and visit a dentist if need be.

Weight loss

Obesity leads to very many problems around the body, and cripples the sex life. It leads to physical ailments like heart disease that impair sex life. Moreover, obesity also makes it hard for people to perform.

Many obese people also suffer from low self-esteem, which also then compounds the problem of performance anxiety.

Hence, it is pertinent that you be watchful of your weight. Make sure to change your lifestyle to help your weight loss journey.

Watch your waist

It is not just important that you watch your weight, but also make sure that your waist is also trim. When you are thick in your waist, you have a higher risk of erectile dysfunction.

Be careful about your health

Your physical health also has an important role to play in your sex life. Problems like diabetes and hypertension may cause you to run into performance problems.

Hence, it is important that you pay attention to your physical health as well. Make sure to consult your GP via and ensure that all your medical conditions are in check.