August 17, 2022


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Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation: Purpose, Types, Use

Trigeminal nerve stimulation consists of a form of non-invasive health-related remedy working with a small electrical machine that is placed on the forehead. It is approved for the avoidance or relief of migraine headaches. The treatment is employed at house and follows a specified routine.

Other forms of trigeminal nerve stimulation currently being investigated in investigation trials include quite a few procedures, such as acupuncture, injections, or electrical units.

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What Is the Trigeminal Nerve? 

The trigeminal nerves are a pair of the 12 pairs of cranial nerves. This nerve transmits sensory inputs from the facial area to the mind. It has a few major branches, which is why it is referred to as the trigeminal nerve. The branches are identified as V1, V2, and V3.

An injury of this nerve can cause a change in facial sensation. Pain is the most prevalent consequence of injuries or swelling of the trigeminal nerve.

Trigeminal neuralgia is a unpleasant ailment that results in significant discomfort in the confront, normally on one facet, corresponding to just one or far more trigeminal nerve branches. This affliction is connected with harm, discomfort, or swelling affecting the trigeminal nerve.

Migraine and other headache styles have also been involved with trigeminal nerve irritation, but the precise marriage is not well founded. 

What Is Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation Employed For? 

The concept powering trigeminal nerve stimulation is that modifying the motion of this nerve can decrease sure disorders.

Cefaly is a machine authorized by the Food stuff and Drug Administration (Fda) for adults 18 and more mature to take care of and protect against migraine head aches. It will work by stimulating the trigeminal nerve externally with electrical indicators transmitted as a result of the pores and skin.

Relivion is a device utilised externally to stimulate the trigeminal and occipital nerves. It is obtainable with minimal obtain for acute migraine therapy. It is also being investigated in investigation trials to handle key depressive dysfunction.

There are also other varieties of trigeminal nerve remedies that are not right thought of stimulation, and these interventions are used for various conditions. 

Examples contain: 

  • Exterior trigeminal nerve stimulation is staying researched as a possible remedy for managing some varieties of epilepsy (a problem with electrical disturbances in the mind).
  • Acupuncture is a procedure in which a needle-based mostly remedy is used near the trigeminal nerve. This has been applied to address specified varieties of tinnitus (ringing in the ears).
  • Injection of anti-inflammatory or discomfort medicine close to the trigeminal nerve is applied to alleviate signs or symptoms caused by irritation or inflammation of the trigeminal nerve. 
  • Medical procedures is sometimes encouraged for the treatment method of trigeminal neuralgia. Strategies incorporate ligation (chopping) a area of the trigeminal nerve to lessen sensitivity or surgery to decrease trigeminal nerve compression. 

How Do You Use Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation? 

The equipment approved for trigeminal nerve stimulation remedy are placed on the forehead for a specified volume of time.

It is critical to examine these treatment plans with your neurologist (specialist in treating conditions influencing the nervous system) or psychiatrist and to use them in the way your healthcare service provider recommends. 

For acute migraine remedy, you would use the machine for the duration of your migraine for the proposed sum of time. For migraine avoidance, the Cefaly system is supposed for everyday use. 

How Does Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation Operate? 

Investigate indicates trigeminal nerve stimulation sends electrical impulses to the trigeminal nerve to modify agony transmission to the mind. Experimental investigation also indicates this may have an affect on metabolic action in places of the brain that system discomfort, and this could impact the experience of ache.

Is It Risk-free? 

Trigeminal nerve stimulation with accredited gadgets and for accepted makes use of is deemed protected. Nevertheless, the cure can induce some facet consequences. Though most review members and people working with the products have not experienced to prevent working with the devices owing to side consequences, aspect outcomes did cause some review members to halt using the procedure.

The most popular aspect results are sleepiness and paresthesia (uncommon sensations).


For the reason that of the possible for sleepiness, you should be careful about pursuits such as driving, employing possibly perilous products, and swimming when using trigeminal nerve stimulation.

As you start out to realize how this treatment method influences your situation and as you discover your sample of side effects, you can alter your actions to be certain that you keep secure. 


Trigeminal nerve stimulation is a somewhat new technique in which exterior stimulation with a gadget placed on the brow is employed to handle or reduce migraines. These equipment are considered to modify suffering transmission and processing by interaction between the trigeminal nerve and the brain.

At present, there are two products for this use accessible in the United States—Cefaly and Relivion. Other types of cure for problems that require the trigeminal nerve consist of acupuncture, injections, and operation. 

A Term From Verywell 

If you have migraines, it can be beneficial but too much to handle to maintain up with all the different cure possibilities. Most people today do expertise enhancement in the frequency and severity of migraines with acute and preventative therapies.

Some people have been delighted with the option of owning non-medicine-centered treatment options this kind of as trigeminal nerve stimulation. If you think this may possibly be a good selection, converse with a healthcare service provider about the pros and drawbacks of this treatment method preference. 

Routinely Questioned Queries

  • Do I want a prescription to use trigeminal nerve stimulation?

    You do not want a prescription to acquire a Cefaly device nonetheless, you need a prescription to get a Relivion product. The expense may possibly or may not be coated by your wellbeing insurance plan supplier.

  • Is trigeminal nerve stimulation safe and sound?

    It is thought of harmless, but this treatment method method is only accepted for migraine procedure and only for older people 18 and older. It can bring about facet outcomes that are not thought of unsafe.

    Speak with a health care supplier about irrespective of whether this is a very good option for your scenario.