August 8, 2022


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VGI Health Technology : June 2022 Quarterly Update

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VGI Overall health Technologies Minimal – June 2022 Quarterly


Sydney, New South Wales, 29 July 2022 – The Directors of VGI Well being Technologies Limited (the Corporation or VTL) are happy to provide the subsequent update for the quarter ending 30 June 2022.

Status of Patent Possession

On 4 April 2022, VGI Well being Know-how Restricted was pleased to announce that the the United States Patent and Logos Business (USPTO) intends to grant a divisional patent for the ‘Transmucosal Shipping and delivery of Tocotrienols’ to its wholly-owned subsidiary Invictus Biotechnology Pty Ltd. Previously, a US patent directed to a system of treating publish workout muscle mass soreness or delayed onset muscle mass soreness (DOMS) by transmucosal administration of a tocotrienol was granted in June 2020. The existing divisional patent software extends this coverage to pharmaceutical compositions made up of delta tocotrienol which have been formulated for transmucosal shipping. This composition can be employed for the treatment method or prevention of extra indications these kinds of as fibrosis and most cancers. The moment granted, the patent formally entitled ‘Transmucosal Delivery of Tocotrienol’ will give industrial rights in the US until 13 November 2032.

Technological and Item Enhancement

On 21 March 2022, VGI Health Technology Confined (NSX:VTL) was pleased to announce that Dr Jordan Moon, a member of its Scientific Advisory Board, will be presenting an abstract at the American Modern society for Nourishment (ASN) Annual Meeting, Diet 2022. In affiliation with the ASN, an summary will be offered throughout the meeting (14-16 June 2022) titled “Transmucosal shipping and delivery of tocotrienols from a delta-tocotrienolpowder: A Multidose Pharmacokinetic study“. The summary describes some of the benefits that have been generated from a pharmacokinetics analyze done by Dr Moon in the US making use of new formulations created for the transmucosal supply of tocotrienols. These new formulations and strategies of manufacture are also the matter of a new patent submitting “PCT/AU2021/051449 – Transmucosal delivery of tocotrienols” produced by VTL’s wholly- owned subsidiary Invictus Biotechnology Pty Ltd on 3 December 2021. The facts from this analyze supports the simple fact that there is far more flexibility with dosages for this specific drug delivery platform than previously analysis information had instructed.

Sixteen healthier research topics (m=8, f=8, 32 +/- 8 several years, 171 +/- 7 cm, 81.6 +/- 13.8 kg) were being randomly administered both 40mg or 80mg of a delta tocotrienol (DT3) containing powder in a fasted point out. Subjects ended up asked to preserve the powder under their tongue right until it was fully dissolved. Blood samples were taken at , 60, 90, 120, 180, 240, 360, and 480 minutes. Topics ended up offered a food consisting of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats immediately after four several hours. DT3 concentrations were calculated from blood plasma using protein precipitation adopted by liquid-liquid extraction. Analytes were separated by Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LCMS) with the extracts assayed versus a calibration curve. DT3 bioavailability was assessed making use of the parameters peak plasma concentration (Cmax), time to arrive at peak plasma focus (Tmax) and complete spot below the plasma focus-time curve (AUC).